January 14, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Muffin-Making Accident Causes Figer Amputation and Court Case

Making muffins doesn’t sound very hazardous. But an Australian woman had two fingers amputated in an accident at a Cripps Nubake factory in Glenorchy, Tasmania.

This is just another example of the types of accidents that need thorough root cause analysis to make sure that the problems that caused the accident get fixed.

But let lesson from this accident might not be obvious to everyone. Why did this accident have to happen? A good proactive improvement program could have spotted this hazard and fixed it before anyone was hurt.

Proactive use of root cause analysis is a much more efficient and effective way to improve. It’s much better than waiting for accidents to point out safety problems for reactive root cause analysis.

If you are interested in proactive root cause analysis, there are two ways to learn more.

First, attend a 2-Day or 5-Day TapRooT® Course. You will learn to apply the highly acclaimed TapRooT® System to find root causes of accidents (reactively) or to find the causes of problems before accidents happen (proactive improvement).

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