October 16, 2006 |

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Name That Explosion/Fire Picture

It is amazing how many explosions and/or fires happen each year. If you try to make a list of just the industrial fires and explosions, it is long and sad. But pictures of the fires, explosions, and the aftermath can help people understand why safety is important. Why safety rules, procedures, training, and management attention is so important.

Can you name the facilities where the accidents below happened?

Better yet, do you know the root causes of these fires and/or explosions and what you need to do to prevent them at your facility? The answers to these questions can keep your facility safe.

Performance improvement comes from hard work and dedicated people applying industry best practices and advanced root cause analysis. This lesson has been proven over and over again.

1. Picture1

2. Picture2

3.  Images Chemical+Fire+Ft+Worth

4.  Blog  Images Bunce

5. Picture5

6. Picture6

7. Picture7

8. Picture8

9. Picture9

10. Picture10

For more information on a Summit to learn industry best practices see:


For more information about advanced root cause analysis training see:


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