July 20, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Stars Need Safety Too! Michael Jackson’s Hair Catches Fire During Pespi Commercial Taping

It was the sixth take during the filming of the Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial.

Pyrotechnics (fireworks) went off too early.

The only Safeguard was distance (the fireworks weren’t suppose to be set off until he went down the stairs).

My guess is that these fireworks were being manually detonated and that somebody made a mistake.

A real SnapCharT® of the accident would certainly be interesting.

Note that they didn’t even have the Safeguard of nearby firefighting equipment. They put out the remaining fire (which burned for quite a while) with their hands! (And Michael’s dancing and the fuel – hair gel – being used up put out most of the fire unintentionally).

Makes you wonder about the pre-filming safety analysis that was (or was not) done and the “human factors” of the timing of the fireworks.

Lesson Learned: Even stars need to apply the proven lessons of how to keep people safe on the job. A fairly simple but complete, Safeguards Analysis could have identified problems before the accident and allowed either additional Safeguards or improved Safeguards to keep “the King of Pop” safe.

Root Cause Analysis
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