October 9, 2006 |

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Statistics – Deaths at US Refineries vs Deaths at US Hospitals

I came upon these statistics at the Houston Chronicle web site in a section about deaths at refineries:


The stats show that from 1995 through 2005 there were 43 total fatalities with 22 of those (over 50%) at BP Refineries.

These somewhat gruesome statistics makes one stop and think.

But as I pondered these statistics I thought about the reports on medical errors and needless deaths at hospitals. By current estimates in a 10 year period there would be about 900,000 deaths due to errors at hospitals.

The risk at hospitals and refineries can be measured by results. What risk does your facility have?

For those looking to improve performance and stop fatalities, you need to have a comprehensive continuous improvement plan. Plus you need to learn advanced root cause analysis and best practices from your industry and from other industries to help you stop bad things from happening.

For advanced root cause analysis training, see this link:


For a place to learn best practices, see this link:


But don’t wait for a fatality to get started.

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