June 9, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Summit Presentations on Accidents

What can you learn from the investigations of major accidents? Come to the TapRooT® Summit (Las Vegas, June 25-27) and find out!

First Ken Turnbull will share lessons learned by applying TapRooT® to the investigation of the fatal Lexington Airport runway mixup.

Also, Daniel Fagan, from Shell, will discuss the lessons learned from a drilling accident.

Carolyn Griffiths, Chief Inspector of the UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch, will discuss lessons they have learned from investigating major rail accidents.

Also, Ed Frederick will share an insiders perspective (he was the board operator during the start of the accident) of the meltdown at Three Mile Island. He will also give attendees the chance to practice their SnapCharT® skills in a separate session to analyze what happened at TMI.

So if you are interested in root cause analysis and the investigation of accidents, make sure you participate in the Summit in Las Vegas. Register at:


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