December 31, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: The Annual UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch Report

Here’s a link to the report …

Here’s a quote from the Chief Inspector …

I am concerned that in a significant number of the investigations we undertook during 2011 we identified factors that had been the subject of previous RAIB recommendations. In at least three investigations we found that a more timely and/or thorough response to one or more previous RAIB recommendations would have had the potential to prevent the accident. In another case we concluded that the consequence of an accident would have been reduced if an earlier recommendation had been more fully addressed. There were similar cases that I referred to in last year’s report. I also reported we had, as a result, reinforced our communications with both the industry and ORR to ensure they had a full understanding of the risks we had identified and the actions we were proposing in our recommendations.”

What does it mean when you have repeat accidents?

What does TapRooT® say about that?

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