May 29, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accidents & Lessons Learned – Fatigue as a Cause of Accidents, Incidents, Near-Misses – How Do You Evaluate Fatigue?

Sleepy controllers contributed to near-misses, NTSB says

That’s the headline at the CNN web site.

What can we learn from the NTSB investigation? First, fatigue can cause human performance to be degraded. Second? You need some formal analysis to ask about fatigue as a part of your root cause analysis process.

So … How do you evaluate fatigue as a part of your accident, incident, quality, or near-miss investigations and root cause analysis?

The TapRooT(R) System has questions that ask investigators to look for fatigue. But we are trying to do even more. We are working with Circadian Technologies, a world leader in fatigue research and work scheduling, to develop a fatigue evaluation tool to be used in conjunction with the TapRooT(R).

Would you like to participate in a test of this new fatigue evaluation tool? If yes, drop me a note by clicking here or by sending a comment by clicking on the comments link below.

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