October 29, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accidents & Lessons Learned: Third Accident in 2 Months – When is an Accident a Repeat Failure?

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It was a bad day for Scandinavian Airlines. One of their Bombardier-built Q400 turboprops (Dash 8-400s) slide down the runway on its belly after the landing gear collapsed.

Even though no one was seriously injured in this or the previous accidents, the third accident makes one wonder about the root cause analysis of the first two accidents and the decision to resume flying the aircraft.

When accidents become repetitive, they could cause the investigator to look into the “Management System – Corrective Action – corrective action needs improvement” category on the Root Cause Tree®.

SAS grounded its turboprops “until further notice.” Let’s hope that the next root cause analysis performed by Bombardier and SAS find the real root causes and stop this problem before a real tragedy occurs.

To read the AP story on the most recent crash see:


Click on the video below to watch the crash…

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