April 28, 2014 | Mark Paradies

Monday Motivation: 16 Ways to get motivated…

Leo Babauta published “Get off your Butt: 16 ways to get motivated when you’re in a slump.” The summary of the ways is:

  1. One Goal.
  2. Find Inspiration.
  3. Get Excited.
  4. Build Anticipation.
  5. Post Your Goal.
  6. Commit Publicly.
  7. Think About It Daily.
  8. Get Support.
  9. Realize That There’s an Ebb and Flow.
  10. Stick With It.
  11. Start Small. Really Small.
  12. Build on Small Success.
  13. Read About It Daily.
  14. Call for Help when Motivation Ebbs.
  15. Think About the Benefits, Not the Difficulties.
  16. Squash Negative Thoughts: Replace Then with Positive Onces.

For the details about each of these, see his article at:


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