July 8, 2013 | Mark Paradies

Monday Non-Accident & Lessons Learned: Would you fire someone for bringing a dog to work?

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Here’s the story …

A contract construction supervisor brought his dog to work (a construction site at a school) so that the kids and teachers could play with him.

The head teacher told him not to bring the dog back. The superviser agreed and complied.

Later, the contract company fired him from the job because the dog was “…a major health and safety risk.”

Here’s where you can read the whole story:


What would you do? What would your company do?

Should you do a root cause analysis before you fire someone?

At one TapRooT® User facility the union set up an information picket because a union member was fired without a root cause analysis. The union did an independent root cause analysis and found there was much more to the incident than just a behavior issue. They found an equipment reliability problem that should have been corrected by previous root cause analyses but was not because root cause analysis was not used for equipment problems … just process safety accidents.

Several lessons learned here!

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