February 3, 2010 | Mark Paradies

More Bad News for Toyota: “Transportation chief criticizes Toyota’s reaction time”

An AP story published in the Houston Chronicle says that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that Toyota was:

“…dragging its feet on safety concerns over its gas pedals, suggesting the automaker was ‘a little safety deaf’ to mounting evidence of problems.”

He also said that:

“… federal safety officials had to ‘wake them up’ to the seriousness of the safety issues that eventually led Toyota to recall millions of cars such as its Camry and Corolla. That included a visit to Toyota’s offices in Japan to persuade them to take action.

The article also said:

“… the government was considering civil penalties for Toyota over its handling of the recalls …”

This kind of press couldn’t come at a worse time as Toyota struggles with this quality/safety issue and the bad press that it has generated.

How much damage to your reputation can a quality/safety issue do? Toyota is finding out the hard way.

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