May 22, 2008 | Mark Paradies

More Info About the Upcoming Innovation & Creative Solutions Course

Once a year, Michele Lindsay teaches a great course aimed at improving creativity and helping people develop innovative corrective actions to problems.

What do past participants say about the course?

“Great course, really opens the mind to alternate methods to be used in an effort to increase “outside the box” thinking!”  Chief – Patient Safety/ Risk Manager, US Army Hospital
“Excellent, totally different than anything I have ever done, I can definitely go back and use the tools during corrective action development meetings!.” Event Investigator, Irving Oil

“This program really opened up the thought process in an organized and dynamic manner”  Corporate Safety Manager, Hess Corporation

“My team needs this, and now I have the tools to take with me!”  Associate Director, Los Alamos National Lab

“This is a great opportunity on how to approach problems, issues, obstacles and barriers through a phased approach.  I would recommend this course to others.”  Senior System Analyst, MEDCOM

“This is something I can take back and implement very easily“  Safety Team Lead, Barrick Gold

Here’s a course brochure:


Also, here is a short video of what people have to say…

(QuickTime .mov format)

Finally, click on this link to register for the course:

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