August 10, 2006 | Mark Paradies

More Links to BP Pipeline Corrosion Story

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(old pipeline photo – click to enlarge)

Here are some more interesting links about the BP Pipeline Corrosion Story…

BP statement:

Another BP press release:

US News questions pipeline industry practices:

AP story – old story on previous pipeline leaks:

More leak news and clearer understanding of how past leaks may have led to complete shutdown now:

Here is a nutty conspiracy theory story on timing of shutdown. Some people will find corporate evil even when their facts make no sense (stop selling 400,000 barrels per day when the price of oil is at record heights to make MORE money on oil?). Obviously this guy didn’t read stories about the previous leaks and understand the pressure BP is under not to have more leaks. Does he have a personal axe to grind or does sensationalism just make his site more readable? Maybe that’s why his bio page says he’s a persona non grata in the US with the US media. Here’s the link to the fringe conspiracy theory:

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