January 16, 2009 | Dave Janney

More news stories on the US Airways incident in New York




It is really something to see how everything fit together, from the landing to the evacuation to the rescue.  If you were not convinced of the need for good training and emergency procedures, I am sure you are now!  Kudos to the pilots, flight attendants, and the NY water rescue teams – amazing!  Be sure to read about the Captain of this flight; he is quite an impressive guy.

By the way, I am sure many people are scratching their heads this morning saying “you mean a bird can do that to an airplane?”  Having spent 27 years in the airline industry, I can tell you the answer is yes, but something this severe would normally require multiple birds and the chance that both engines could be damaged like that is very improbable.  Usually bird strikes result in small dents, with nothing remotely this severe.  Airports go to great lengths to implement wildlife programs to keep birds and other animals clear of the runways; it will be interesting to see if the NTSB has any recommendations for LGA after the investigation is complete. 

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