June 14, 2011 | Mark Paradies

More on "Pilot Error" and the Air France Flight 447 Crash

Back in May, I wrote this blog post:

Pilot Error, Fatigue, or Bad Design?

The topic is getting more press as a former US Airways pilot (a pilot who landed an Airbus on the Hudson) disputed the “pilot error” terminology.

There’s an excellent article at Christine Negroni’s blog: “Flying Lessons“. Here’s the link to the article:


Lot’s of good points about the complexity of automation and computer assisted flight.

What I thought was “shocking” was that these pilots only had three minutes to diagnose a pretty complex problem that was sprung on them in the middle of the night with zero warning. Needless to say … things didn’t work out so well. And they called it pilot error…

Understanding human errors is one of the toughest jobs for accident investigators … and one of the reasons why TapRooT® is used around the world.

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