June 19, 2009 | Barb Carr

National Grid’s Third Onsite TapRooT® Course….. even the U.S. Open could not stop them from attending this week!


Often when I teach an on site TapRooT® course, senior management starts off the training to tell people what to expect. Rarely do I have a Vice President step in for encouragement and support. Having Chad Martin, the Vice President of Safety for National Grid show up was greatly appreciated and gives an understanding of support that can only occur when there is face to face contact.

The group that was selected to attend the additional 3-days of training worked great together. They even decided to set up review sessions with each other after the class to keep the new team bond alive.

With the economy in the state it is, what did it take to continue needed training? Be aware that National Grid has trained 60 plus safety managers to include a few contractor’s in the last 2 months. The statement below from Chad Martin says it all.

“I’m very passionate about Safety and care about the employees. For the time I was in the Class, I was very encouraged of what I was hearing and the interaction between you and the folks. You do an outstanding job of demonstrating the tools and articulating how to apply them. Thanks for your help. I truly believe it will make a huge difference in how we investigate everything here at National Grid.”

If you want to lead by example and follow National Grid’s path to safety and success, find the course closest to you or attend our Summit this October.



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