November 12, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Navy Times Reports Equipment Problem Aboard USS San Antonio

Here I am in San Antonio reading about the USS San Antonio which has been laid up in Bahrain because major lube oil leaks.

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What was I teaching today? The Equifactor® (equipment troubleshooting) piece of the TapRooT® System. What a coincidence.

A pdf of pictures of the problems is attached below.

(click to open)

A Navy spokesperson said:

… engineers are conducting a root cause analysis and making repairs to welds … some that require replacing whole sections of pipe.

The problems were documented in October and are cause for concern. The spokesperson said:

Any time lube oil is leaking, we take that very seriously,” she said. “If you have leaking oil, that could cause a fire.

Another quote from the story:

The extended layover in Bahrain is just the latest in a string of performance problems with the first-in-class ship that was delivered late and at $1.8 billion, $1 billion higher than planned. A July 2005 inspection report made clear the first ship of the LPD 17 class would have perpetual problems.

Inspectors found “poor construction and craftsmanship … throughout the ship,” and officials singled out problems with wiring. “Poor initial cable-pulling practice led to what is now a snarled, over-packed, poorly assembled and virtually uncorrectable electrical/electronic cable plant,” the report said.

For the complete Navy Times story, see:

I wonder if they got a warranty?

Does the Lemon Law apply?

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