March 8, 2010 | Barb Carr

Need New Investigation Ideas? Come to the Summit!

“Best Practices for Implementing TapRooT® into an Existing Incident Management System” is just one idea that will be discussed October 27-29 at the 2010 TapRooT® Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

At this TapRooT® Summit session, Patrick Fortune will be speaking on the “exhilaration and tribulations” of incorporating TapRooT® into an existing Incident Management System. Expect to take away some Best Practices and even some learnings from Patrick’s mistakes, giving you the freedom not to repeat them yourself! Patrick describes his focus as a mix of “speaking truth to power, no matter what the consequences” and “let’s work the problem people.”


Patrick began his industrial career in the Operations department of a “state of the art” pulp mill. Midstride in his career, he moved into the Oil & Gas industry with EnCana Corporation. He progressed through a variety of Operations positions in Heavy Oil, Sour Gas and Power Generation with EnCana. Patrick was then enticed to join the “dark side” as a Safety Coordinator with EnCana’s EH&S division, where he has been for 5 years. Last year Patrick successfully challenged the Canadian Registered Safety Professional Designation (CRSP). He also has a liberal arts degree in Biblical Studies, and a 2nd Class Power Engineer Certificate of Competency.

Patrick has been the “go to guy” for the integration of TapRooT® into the existing Crisis Response and Incident Management Systems, within EnCana’s Canadian Division. He is a certified In House Trainer for TapRooT® and has been involved with numerous serious incident investigations across two provinces in Canada. Patrick has also served as on scene liaison with Police and anti terrorist task forces, during the investigation of several domestic terrorist attacks against EnCana.

On a personal note Patrick has enjoyed a wide variety of activities including hiking, snowboarding, hang gliding, flying small aircraft and sailplanes, rock climbing, motorcycling, martial arts, drama, and now has his eye on powered paragliding (and a bigger bike … ).  When questioned about the dichotomy between “safety guy” and his love of higher risk activities he will respond with “risk management, it’s all about risk management.”   His marvelous (& patient) wife of 25 years will roll her eyes at that statement, given that their two teenagers are unfortunately now using similar rebuttals …

Come to the Summit in October and meet Patrick for a fresh set of ideas about investigations!  Learn more about the Summit on our FAQs page.

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