May 9, 2010 | Mark Paradies

New “Blame” Article in New York Times and a Article about Reduced Support for Offshore Drilling – Is There a Link?

Here’s the first New York Times article:

The article is typical of others that say that Transocean, Halliburton, or Cameron may be more to blame than BP. But blame is the main objective of the article (not finding the root cause).

On the same day there is another article titled:

Republicans’ Calls for Offshore Drilling Have Grown Quieter

Hmm … is there an agenda here or just reporting?

Will one accident (that we aren’t even close to knowing the cause of) stop the progress of a whole industry?

Just a couple of days ago I published an link about the Hindenburg disaster. That accident killed an industry. Is there an attempt to make this accident an industry killer in the US?

Three Mile Island almost killed the nuclear industry. 20+ years later it is starting to come back. What would be the cost to the US if offshore oil drilling had a similar 20 year setback?

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