February 20, 2008 | Mark Paradies

New President of JCAHO Points to Nuclear and Aviation Industries as Good Examples of High Reliability Organizations

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Dr. Mark Chassin, new President of the Joint Commission, has an ambitious goal. His goal is to make healthcare delivery meet the same high reliability standards as the best high-reliability industries. Who are these “best” high-reliability industries? Speaking during a January 31, 2008, teleconference, he identified the aviation and nuclear power industries as today’s best high-reliability organizations.
Why is this important?

If you are at a hospital and you would like to learn best practices to improve patient safety AND network with people from the aviation and nuclear power industries (as well as industry leaders oil industry, mining, and manufacturing), where should you go?

Answer: The TapRooT® Summit on June 25-27 in Las Vegas, NV.

Plus, if you aren’t already a TapRooT® User, you should attend the TapRooT® and FMEA for Healthcare Root Cause Analysis Course on June 23-24, also in Las Vegas.

This is the best place to learn high reliability best practices that cross industries and can revolutionize patient care.

For more information, see:


And while you are there, watch the videos from previous Summit attendees to see what everyone is talking about.

And check back at this blog tomorrow for a complete run-down on the Medical Error Reduction Best Practices Track at the TapRooT® Summit.

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