April 7, 2020 | Anne Roberts

New TapRooT® Software Update: Version 6.8.0


New TapRooT® Version VI Software Updated

System Improvements Inc. is excited to announce the new updates to TapRooT® VI. Our technical team has worked tirelessly to bring you the best version of our software yet! Our world-class software supports safety quality, maintenance investigations, helps develop preventative corrective actions, and improves overall process performance.

The software allows investigators and auditors to flowchart a sequence of events, analyze causal factors, and develop effective corrective actions through a single intuitive interface.

TapRooT® 6.8.0 is a web-based software application engineered to be smarter, faster, and easier to use. It is supported by any web browser and is compatible with any internet-connected devices including tablets and smartphones.

Version 6.8.0 enhancements include:

One of the most significant upgrades to our software is “Investigation Grading.” TapRooT® users will be able to score their investigation on a scale from 1-100. The new scale will allow users to assign scores and weights to different categories of their investigation. In addition to the new rating scale investigators can now receive a final letter grade on a rating from A to F based on their scores. Another convenience this upgrade provides is the ability for TapRooT® users to leave comments and suggestions to the investigator.

How To Get The Update

For Enterprise licensed owners who have TapRooT® host their software:

Great news! The update is already on your TEST site. Contact support@taproot.com when you are ready to schedule the updates to your PRODUCTION site.


For Enterprise Licensed Owners who host their software on-premise:

Contact sales@taproot.com to make sure your license is up to date and get access to this software update.


Are you a subscriber to taproot6.com?

The updates are already there and ready to use! Log in to check them out.


Are you interested in getting access to taproot6.com for yourself? 

Click here to purchase


Make Sure you stay up to date!

Technically Speaking is a weekly series that highlights various aspects of the TapRooT® VI software and occasionally includes a little Help Desk humor.

Remember, just because it’s technical, it doesn’t mean it has to be complicated!


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