March 2, 2006 | Mark Paradies

New Talk at the Summit – Giant Refinery Fire Analysis – The Incident Within an Incident

We’ve had a change of plans on the Equipment Reliability & Maintenance Best Practices Session.

Jeff Hammons from Parsons will not be able to present so we have been lucky to get an excellent talk that will be VERY interesting.

Ken Turnbull, TapRooT(R) Instructor and retired Safety Manager for Texaco, will present a talk on the fire at the Giant Refinery.

Giant Fire Still

Why will this be interesting to those interested in equipment reliability and maintenance?

Because this accident was initiated by an equipment reliability problem.

Ken will show how Hienz Block’s Troubleshooting Tables (part of the TapRooT(R) Software) could have been used PROACTIVELY to prevent this accident.

Link to Case Study by CSB of Giant Refinery Fire:


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