March 6, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Nikki Stone – Olympic Gold Medal Winner – Keynote Speaker at the TapRooT® Summit

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Winning an Olympic Gold Medal sets you apart. You are the best on the planet at your event.

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But Nikki Stone’s story goes beyond being the best. She showed exceptional dedication & persistence to come back from a career-ending injury (that prevented her from standing, much less skiing).

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Why is Nikki a TapRooT® Summit Keynote Speaker? Because people leading performance improvement initiatives need to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.

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After being inspired by Nikki’s determination and courage, these obstacles won’t seem so large. You can achieve success!

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Don’t miss Nikki’s Keynote address. And talk to Nikki one-on-one at the Summit reception.

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To see an interview with Nikki, click on the YouTube video below:

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