December 17, 2008 | Dave Janney

Oil spill report & Equipment problems

When equipment fails, the equipment itself becomes a convenient target to affix blame; however, a good investigation will many times find that human performance problems led to the failure.  TapRooT® (and the Equifactor® module) will help you pinpoint these problems; why not enroll you and your staff in a course for 2009?  See the schedule for a three day course (or a 1 day Equifactor® if you have already had the two day or five day TapRooT® course) at 

Oil spill report:


“The investigation found that the lease operator had not performed the required annual cathodic protection (CP) inspection nor submitted the results of the inspection to the MMS and had allowed the CP of the pipeline to fall below standards of both MMS and National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).  The failure to maintain adequate CP led directly to the pipeline corrosion, which caused the pipeline holes, and resulted in the pollution event.”  

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