January 25, 2006 | Ken Reed


Conducting equipment troubleshooting requires great care to avoid destroying sensitive evidence. Just the act of dis-assembling the equipment for troubleshooting can cause some evidence as to the cause of the failure to be lost, modified, or destroyed. And yet, you need to know what failed in order to start troubleshooting. It’s as if you need to know the cause of the failure before you can even start looking for the cause!

Unless you are omniscient, there are few options available to you. Fortunately, one of those options is the Equifactor(R) Equipment Troubleshooting module of the TapRooT(R) software. By looking at the symptoms of the failure, you can use Heinz Bloch’s wealth of experience to easily narrow down your possible causes for the failure.

With this information in hand, you can now start looking for the right clues as you begin disassembly, allowing you to collect the necessary evidence to eliminate the last few possible cases. Even those expensive repeat failures suddenly become manageable. Omniscience? Well, not quite. But with the data you gain from an Equifactor(R) analysis, it almost feels like you know the answer before you even begin!

Root Cause Analysis
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