August 14, 2009 | Dave Janney

OSHA Proposes $380K Fine Against Georgia Poultry Company

Here is the OSHA news release:

$380K is a lot of money!

The question here is why did the company not take steps to prevent this?  Was it lack of knowledge, failure to apply best practices, or was this tied to budget issues perhaps?

Beyond compliance issues like these, the potential for serious injury and death is present, and how much does that cost?  The human side is not measurable in financial terms.  The company reputation suffers in a big way.  There are also huge measurable costs.  OSHA may just have prevented them from incurring these costs.  It would be interesting to go back a year or two from now and see what actions were taken.

Poor quality and safety always comes back to haunt an organization.  Failure costs include lost customers, product returns, workers comp costs, overtime, lost production time, equipment failure, decreased morale, and of course….FINES.

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