August 3, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Out On A Ledge

Just so we’re clear, this is how you don’t do it:


NOTE: These images have been passed along to us by TapRooT® Users to point out unsafe acts and help others improve safety. Please do not try any of the activities pictured. These pictues were provided by TapRooT® Users with little or no information on the source of the pictures. Therefore, the authenticity of the pictures and their accuracy is not assured. Some are obvious fakes. Others are real. In most cases, the original copyright holders of these photos are unknown. We believe that these pictures are in the public domain and therefore no violation of copyrights has occurred in passing these movies along strickly as a public service to improve safety and avoid future potential injuries. If the original copyright holder of any of these pictures objects to their presence here, just contact us and we will gladly remove the offending movie immediately. Also, be aware that commercial use of these pictures may be in violation of copyright laws. Do not sell these pictures to others or use them for commercial gain.

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