January 30, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Past TapRooT(R) Summit Attendee List

This weekend I was going through some material to get ready for the 2006 Summit in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on April 5-8, and I ran across the list of past attendees and attendees quotes. For example:

Why didn’t you make me come to this Summit long ago? I needed this stuff and everyone needs it. … Too bad you don’t have a better way to let people know that this isn’t a boondoggle so they could show their management how much good attending the Summit could do for their company.

At least one representative from each major facility using TapRooT(R) and at least one representative from each corporate office that has a TapRooT(R) License should attend this Summit.

In addition, corporations or major facilities with a TapRooT(R) Software License should have an IT person at the Summit.

For more quotes and a list of companies that send people to the summit, click here.

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