October 5, 2006 |

PBS to Highlight Medical Errors

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Are you interested in Medical Errors and efforts to prevent them? Then you might want to watch the following PBS Special: Remaking American Medicine. It starts tonight at 10 PM Eastern time and continues on various nights until October 26.

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Of course System Improvements has been working since the mid-90’s to help healthcare facilities perform better root cause analysis and adopt advanced strategies to stop human error. If you are at a healthcare facility and need to learn advanced root cause analysis or would like to learn best practices to stop medical errors, see our course info and Summit info.

The TapRooT® Summit is a gathering of experts sharing ways to improve performance. There is a track specially designed for healthcare professionals. It includes:

Medical Error Reduction Best Practices

(Track Leader – Don Lighter, M.D.)

1. What’s New and Improved in the TapRooT(R) System? (Wednesday, 10:30-12: Mark Paradies)

2. Discussion of Healthcare Best and Worst Practices for Root Cause Analysis (Wednesday, 1-2:20: Don Lighter, M.D. & Ed Skompski)

3. Six Sigma/Lean for Healthcare (Wednesday, 2:40-3:55: Harry Wetz, Integris Health, and Dan Verlinde, System Improvements)

4. Stress and Human Error (Thursday, 9:10-10:20: Richard Hawk)

5. Medical Error Case Studies (Thursday, 10:40-12: Don Lighter, MD (Facilitator),

Speakers: David Davis and Harry Wetz to organize 3 case studies to be determined

6. Human Performance Lessons Learned from Major Accidents (Thursday, 1-2:20: Joel Haight, PhD, Penn State)

7. Lessons from The Crime Scene – Evidence Preservation for Accident Investigation (Thursday, 2:40-3:55: Ken Reed)

8. Stopping Nosocomial Infections (Friday, 9:15-10:25: Will Sawyer, M.D.)

In addition to the breakout sessions above, all attendees with get to hear the following outstanding Keynote Speakers:

Judge Andrew Napolitano

John Nance

Josh Davis

Richard Hawk

Dr. Beverly Chiodo

For those interested in advanced root cause analysis training, I would suggest one of two option:

1. I would first recommend attending a 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training Course ASAP. You won’t believe how much you will learn and how much it will help your facility improve human performance and stop medical errors. That is why you should see our course schedule and go as soon as possible. Lives depend on the quality of your root cause analysis and corrective actions.

2. If you can’t make a 5-Day TapRooT® Course before the TapRooT® Summit in April of 2007, I would suggest attending the 2-Day TapRooT® Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Course in San Antonio on April 23-24 – just before the TapRooT® Summit. If you attend the 2-Day TapRooT® Course and the Summit, you get a $200 dicount off the 2-Day Course tuition.

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