April 1, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Peoria Nursing Home Fined $40,000 – Failed to Find and Fix Root Causes

Investing in advanced root cause analysis is a winning proposition.

For example, a Peoria nursing home had a chance to find the root causes of previous fall incidents and develop a plan to improve performance. Instead, a Peoria Journal-Star article quotes a Illinois Department of Public Health report as concluding that:

This policy does not address investigation, tracking or monitoring of accident/incidents or how this data will be analyzed to identify trends and patterns to perform root-cause analysis in order to develop and implement corrective actions to address the falls occurring in the facility.

The result? More falls and a $40,000 fine from the state.

That’s just one of many fines from the state that can be attributed to a failure to investigate problems and develop effective fixes to correct the problems’ root causes. Another was fined $22,500 and a third was fined $1,908.

Besides the fines, these nursing homes could have avoid injuries to their patients if they had addressed the root causes of quality of care issues.

Nursing homes are usually on a tight budget. but failing to invest in advanced root cause analysis and corrective actions is a fool’s bargain. Don’t be “Penny wise and Pound foolish.” Find out how TapRooT® Training can help your staff and get some signed up for one of our courses.

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