August 30, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Picture of a Shortcut

I jog by this construction site almost every day. I observe their safety practices and they have been pretty good. But today I was jogging by with my iPhone and captured this picture.


Can you see the two workers? One is standing on the roof by the edge with no fall protection. The other is on a scaffold that looks like it was hurriedly erected for this job and probably does not meet safety standards (proper railings …).

I’m not sure what the crane is attached to but I couldn’t see anyone in the cab.

What does this go to show? Even at well run sites we have to be constantly vigilant to spot hazards, shortcuts, and SPAC Not Used. Thinking back to my experience at DuPont, that’s what they were probably best at.

No fatality occurred while I jogged by, but it could have. All it would take is one wrong step.

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