March 8, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Pictures from the TapRooT® Summit – TapRooT® User Best Practice Session

Linda Unger and Michele Lindsay ran this session that allows TapRooT® Users time to share (and learn) best practices. Videos from this session will be available soon.

Dscn4664  Dscn4655

Dscn4666  Dscn4667

Dscn4670  Dscn4671

Dscn4672  Dscn4675

Dscn4677  Dscn4678

Dscn4683  Dscn4680

Dscn4684  Dscn4685

Dscn4686  Dscn4687

Dscn4689  Dscn4690

Dscn4691  Dscn4692

Dscn4694  Dscn4698

Dscn4699  Dscn4701


Dscn4706  Dscn4707

Dscn4709  Dscn4708

Dscn4711  Dscn4714


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