September 24, 2008 | Barb Carr

Pilots who fell asleep during landing procedures have completed their FAA mandated suspension

Fired by GO airlines, it is uncertain whether the pilots are now flying for another carrier. According to the article, no action was taken against GO because they had provided the pilots with a 15-hour break before their shift, nearly double what the FAA requires. Below are just a few facts collected from the article, can you see other opportunities that may have been missed during the investigation?

* Pilots fell asleep on the Feb. 13 flight from Honolulu to Hilo.

* One pilot was later diagnosed with a severe obstructive sleep apnea…. preventing a restful night of sleep.

* Unclear how both pilots fell asleep on the brief midmorning flight

* No problems were found in the aircraft’s pressurization system and carbon monoxide levels.

* The pilots failed to respond to nearly a dozen calls from air traffic controllers over a span of 17 minutes.

* About 44 minutes into what is usually a 45-minute flight, the controller was able to establish radio contact. By that time, the plane had passed the airport at Hilo by 15 miles, and the controller ordered the flight crew to return.

* The pilots were able to reverse course and landed safely at Hilo International Airport.;_ylt=Ak0W8lSdA7Utr1gXR4KyY2UDW7oF

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