March 31, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Potential Human Factors Root Cause of the Deepwater Horizon Accident

One of the interesting avenues of questioning that TapRooT® would lead investigators to is the human factors involved in detecting that a blowout was starting while the well displacement was in progress.

Two people had indications that could have detected the blowout starting and could have helped those in control of the well maintain control of the well or shut the well in before a blowout occurred.

Therefore, investigators should be looking at the human factors of the detection of a well blowout.

I was reviewing information on the Deepwater Horizon Joint Investigation site and found these pictures …




Screen Shot 2011-03-31 At 12.02.44 Pm

The first three graphs are fairly easy to interpret. Especially with the clearly marked notes with arrows pointing to the applicable trends. The last one is a typical multiple pen strip chart that is difficult to interpret.

So my question would be … “What do the real indicators look like?”

The displays and alarms are a big deal for this accident. This could be a major reason why the crew didn’t detect the blow out starting when they could have taken action.

Does anyone have actual pictures of the type of indicators they would be using? I’d love to have a look at them. If you have them, contact me by clicking here.

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