December 19, 2008 | Dave Janney

Practice! Use it don’t lose it!

If you’ve been to one of the TapRooT® courses, you know that you should be using TapRooT® proactively (chapter 4 of the TapRooT® book).  This helps you improve your business, but it also helps you to use what you have learned.  If you have a good operation (congrats!), your reactive use of the system may be minimal, and your proactive use will help keep your skills sharp and drive continuous improvement.

Another way to keep current on reactive use of TapRooT® is to use incidents in the news and analyze them for practice; it would be interesting to see if your root causes and corrective actions are similar to those in the investigations. 

Here is a link to WorkSafeBC presentations on some of their investigations that you might want to practice with.  Happy investigating.

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