November 5, 2018 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Pre-Summit Course: TapRooT® Analyzing and Fixing Safety Culture Issues

Do you believe you are doing a good job of your root cause analysis, investigations, and corrective actions? Yet, these actions don’t seem to work or grow as effectively as you might have thought? You may be missing some underlying cultural traits that are limiting your efforts to improve.

The outcomes of Safety Culture have always been a part of the TapRooT® Root Cause Tree®. This course is designed to give participants a better understanding of how the Root Cause Tree® identifies the results of existing culture within a company. The program will provide insight and tools to go beyond the tree and help you understand the cultural aspects that are causing your identified root causes. Utilizing the introduced tools, and through discussions during the program, participants will gain an understanding of how to craft better corrective actions. You will learn how to craft corrective actions to be more effective in your existing culture, or how to design them to change an existing culture.

During the program, each participant will be completing a Human Synergistics Organizational Cultural Inventory® survey and a Human Synergistics Organizational Cultural Inventory® Ideal survey. These tools will help you gain detailed insight into your company’s culture and, more importantly, what organizational outcomes this culture will cause. Employing the knowledge gained from these surveys, corrective actions will be developed utilizing root causes as well as cultural attributes. At the end of the session, breakout groups will use their own examples, and their own cultural results, to work through the TapRoot® process and create corrective actions.

Upon returning to your office, you will be able to utilize what you have learned in this session. You will better understand what may be going on culturally at different levels in your organization and, more importantly, how to effectively improve performance. Improving performance can be difficult as we all know, however, the deeper knowledge gained from the material discussed will help make future improvements more effective.

Meet the TapRooT® Instructors

Brian A. Tink is currently the Health Safety and Environment Coordinator at an automotive parts supplier with approximately 220 employees. This role requires him to investigate and countermeasure any serious injury or environmental incident. He is responsible for the creation of safety work instructions for all processes, conducting HSE training, and all contractor safety programs. Prior to his current role, Tink was a production supervisor, managing team leaders who oversaw groups of assembly operators.

Tink has used the TapRoot® process over the past ten years to help companies from many different industries improve their organizational culture. His certification in the suite of Human Synergistics business improvement material has assisted in the development and delivery of a cultural training program. He holds an Honors B.A. in criminology and justice, as well as a certificate in occupational health and safety.

Prior to 1994, Brian W. Tink used his mechanical trade background in many different departments while working within Hydro One. Starting in 1994, he specialized in health, safety, and environmental matters. Tink was of manager of health, safety, and environment field support for Hydro One Networks, Inc. This branch of Hydro One delivers electrical service to homes and businesses across the province of Ontario, Canada. Hydro One owns over 90,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines, serving 1.3 million customers with 4,600 regular employees.

During his position of manager of HSE, while reporting to the VP HSE, Tink was called to analyze and investigate safety incidents. He has been called to lead, or participate in, investigations where a high level of scrutiny was expected and where there was significant need to identify areas needing improvement. He has facilitated, or been part of action plan development, for approximately 30-40 investigations per year since 2000.

Since 2008, Tink has been a consultant supporting the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis methodology and/or utilizing TapRooT® during many investigations. He has supported many different organizations from all over the world and in several industries, such as oil & gas, mining, chemical, transportation, and medical. He has become involved in the cultural area of performance improvement through the development of training and formally upgrading his expertise in this area.

During his career, Tink has had the opportunity to attend an extensive amount of training and seminars. This training resulted in him becoming a Certified Registered Safety Professional in Canada and a Certified Utility Safety Administrator through the National Safety Council in the U.S. Both of these certifications require safety management theoretical knowledge, testing, and several years of experience.

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