March 8, 2014 | Mark Paradies

Press Release by the UK Rail Accident Investigation Branch: Passenger dragged a short distance by a train at Holborn station


Image showing a train in the westbound Piccadilly Line platform at Holborn station


The RAIB is investigating an incident in which a passenger was dragged for a short distance by a train departing from Holborn station on the London Underground system.

The incident occurred on the westbound Piccadilly Line platform at around 19:00 hrs on Monday 3 February 2014. The train had stopped normally in the platform and passengers had alighted and boarded. A member of staff on the platform (station assistant) signalled to the Train Operator to close the doors by raising a baton above his head. The Train Operator observed the raised baton and started to close the train’s doors. At this point a passenger arrived on the platform and moved towards the train, stopping as she realised that the doors were closing. As she stopped, the end of the scarf that she was wearing continued to swing towards the train and became trapped between the closing doors.


The Train Operator was unaware that the scarf was trapped in the door and after confirming that all doors were closed, started to move the train into the tunnel. The passenger was dragged along the platform by her scarf as the train started to move. The station assistant tried to help the passenger by holding on to her and they both fell to the ground. This resulted in the scarf being forcibly removed from the passenger’s neck and carried into the tunnel by the train.

The passenger suffered injuries to her neck and back and was taken to hospital; she is now recovering. The RAIB’s investigation will seek to understand the sequence of events and will examine the arrangements in place for safe despatch of trains from London Underground stations where station assistants are provided on the platform.

The RAIB’s investigation is independent of any investigation by the Office of Rail Regulation. The RAIB will publish its findings at the conclusion of the investigation. This report will be available on the RAIB website.




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