February 13, 2010 | Dave Janney

“Probe Completed” in Luge Accident

Here is the story:


I can’t tell you how shocked I was to read that tag line.   A fatality investigation that only took one day?  You have got to be kidding.

It only took officials one day to learn that there was no “fault” on their part in the accident.

First of all, I do understand this is a dangerous sport and the participants understand the dangers.  However, that does not mean there cannot or should not be measures to make it is as safe as possible.  Interestingly, they are going to make some changes now, after someone was killed.

Even if guaranteeing that someone going that speed is difficult (but I think possible) to keep on the course if they lose control, how difficult is it to make sure there are no hazards for them to hit?  Or putting some padding on things?  A steel pole you are sure to hit if you fly off the track does not seem safe to me.  And what about the concerns that were raised?

Seems a little bias, expediency, or ignorance is in play here.  Just my opinion.

I hope no one else is hurt in the competitions.

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