January 31, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Process Troubleshooting Tables

I just finished teaching the third day of the Equifactor® course here in Galveston, and one of my students (thanks, Jason!) brought up a great use for the custom table function in the software.

Normally, the custom tables are used to add your own equipment troubleshooting experience to the software. This will allow you to use TapRooT® to conduct root cause analysis of specific gear that may not already be included in the supplied tables. But what about process troubleshooting? For example, maybe your facility produces pure water. There are many problems you could have with this production process:

Low yield
Out of spec contaminant levels
Low pH
High pH
Poor clarity

These sound like “Symptoms”, don’t they?

You could make a custom troubleshooting table called (Process) Pure Water Production. Under that, you would list the symptoms of unsatisfactory performance, such as (Symptom) Poor Clarity. Under each symptom, list all the possible causes of that symptom (clogged filter, exhausted resin, flow too high, etc).

There is no reason to limit your custom tables to only specific equipment problems. This is a unique method of using the custom table feature in Equifactor®. It is yet another method of using the TapRooT Root Cause Analysis system to troubleshoot process quality issues.

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