June 10, 2010 | Barb Carr

Quality Manufacturing Article of the Week: The balance between production, product safety, and speed

I read this article today in ASQ Quality News Today: “Toyota’s Safety Blitz May Delay Product Plan”.

Read this excerpt and then think about it for a minute: “Some analysts warn that product development will slow as Toyota takes more time to review its quality and safety processes, and diverts resources to those areas.”

Is “warn” the right word of the day. In TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training we teach problem facilitators not to be judgmental when writing down facts…. it is best to keep a root cause analysis objective and nonemotional. Of course most of us are all human so what did you feel or infer when you heard the word “warn”?

My thoughts? Isn’t the rapid pace of new products tied to the current massive recalls? “Warn” sounds like there is worry that new products in the pipeline may now have to be delayed which $$$ people feel may be bad for future return on investment based on expected delivery dates?

Now the good news is the great response to the quote above from project general manager for vehicle safety Seigo Kuzumaki. He stated that shifting resources to safety was the right compromise at the right time. “Toyota needs to move faster to respond to customer needs,” he said.

..any comments?

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