December 15, 2008 | Dave Janney

Quiz: Which country in Europe has the most workplace fatalities?

(ANSA) – Rome, December 9 – Three workers died in accidents across Italy on Tuesday and two more were seriously injured.

A 20-year-old man was crushed by a one-tonne steel cylinder at a steel plant near Bergamo northeast of Milan.

Another man, 21, was killed in an accident at a gravel quarry near Biella northwest of Turin.

A third worker, 37, lost his life on a building site near Belluno north of Venice.

Two other workers are fighting for their lives in hospital.

One fell off a roof near Brescia between Milan and Venice.

The other fell into a cement mixer near Rimini.

Italy has the worst record for workplace death in Europe.

According to the most recent study, the numbers killed on the job in Italy each year far outnumber murder victims.

Based on official data, the June report from socio-economic think-tank Censis found that in 2007 there were 918 workplace deaths in Italy compared to 663 murders.

Germany had 678 work deaths in 2007, Spain 662 and France 593.

The tally for Italy included the seven workers who died last December in a fire at the ThyssenKrupp steelworks in Turin, one of the worst workplace accidents in recent years.

The trend has continued this year and in June six men died from inhaling toxic fumes while working at a purification plant in Sicily, while in March five men died from inhaling hydrogen sulphide at an industrial vehicle maintenance company in Puglia.

Successive Italian governments have tightened workplace safety regulations but trade unions complain they are not being applied.

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