June 7, 2020 | Marcus Miller

Register Now: July Webinar, TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis for Healthcare Professionals

System Improvements Has Exciting News About a TapRooT® Healthcare/Patient Safety Webinar

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Join me, Marcus Miller, on July 1st! We have a few spots open for the brand-new webinar, “TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis for Patient Safety Professionals.” As a healthcare worker, you’ve likely been working around the clock during COVID-19. We want to help you increase your efficiency, improve human performance, and eliminate/minimize human error. All you have to do is register for the July 1st webinar.

What will you learn in the webinar?

• The dangers of blame and bias and how to eliminate them from your Root Cause Analysis
• The “Why” and “How” of Root Cause Analysis
• Importance of standardizing your Root Cause Analysis Process
• How Root Cause Analysis Enhances Already Established Programs like Lean
• Compliance and HR Benefits of Effective Root Cause Analysis
• Patient Safety Improvement Opportunities
• Clinical Outcomes Improvement Opportunities
• Business and Operational Improvement Opportunities
• Example of an Effective Root Cause Analysis

Also, please know we’re hard at work ensuring that you will receive CEUs for all TapRooT® Patient Safety courses. 

Standardizing your RCA process with TapRooT® empowers all departments

You utilize TapRooT® whenever people make mistakes or equipment fails. There is always something to learn from any type of mistake, error, or failure. TapRooT®’s main purpose is to identify and fix human performance issues to prevent repeat incidents. In our live courses, we also teach you to use TapRooT® proactively to find weaknesses in your systems so you can fix them before those weaknesses cause problems.

TapRooT® will help you save lives

If you still find most of your corrective actions are trying to fix people using discipline, retraining, or rewriting policy and procedures, you are not finding the underlying human performance issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t identify those issues with a standardized, expert RCA process like TapRooT®, you will continue to be frustrated by recurring issues http://mirziamov.ru/zaym-bez-otkaza/.

If you can’t figure out why people simply don’t do what they are told and why people continue to be noncompliant with policies or procedures, TapRooT® can help you. TapRooT® training will give your teams the tools it needs to find the underlying reasons as to why polices and procedures aren’t followed. You’ll literally be equipping your team and coworkers with answers on how to fix the problem.

And, just a hint, you can’t fix these problems with retraining, discipline, and rewriting policies and procedures. If that were true, everyone would be compliant and all our problems would be gone! Goodness knows, we’ve tried those fixes before!

TapRooT® – changing the way the world solves problems

Root Cause Analysis is a critical part of your healthcare management system. TapRooT® was built (and is continuously improved) to help your facility meet the ever-increasing demands for improved patient safety, infection control, efficiency, regulatory compliance, patient satisfaction, and employee safety. See how we can help you meet these challenges.

TapRooT® is your quality assurance and process improvement tool

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis reporting is accepted by the Joint Commission. The TapRooT® Software leads teams through the TapRooT® process and makes data trending and sharing easier.

“Root Cause Analysis for Patient Safety Professionals” will introduce you to the power of standardizing your RCA system. Please join me, Marcus Miller, on July 1st. Space is limited so register now! 




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