October 13, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Results from the 2009 TapRooT® Summit Charity Golf Tournament


Benna – Ready to register participants and collect donations.

First, the most important result…

$1350 was collected from participants as contributions to the Oasis of Love Women’s Shelter in Clinton, Tennessee. System Improvements will match that contribution for a total of $2700 for the shelter.


Making a donation.

Next, info about the tournament…

This, the 6th, TapRooT® Golf Tournament was perhaps the most wild of them all.


As we loaded into our carts to try to beat a rain storm that was approaching, we were notified by the pro that we would have to delay the start because of the weather.

Within minutes, rain was poring down horizontally.


(Awaiting the restart.)

We sat for almost an hour and some suggested that we give up and go bowling. But just then, the rain let up to a drizzle and the pro decided we could play.


Ready for the restart!

Because no one was on the course, various marshals took us to our tees for a shotgun start.

Unfortunately, one marshall took 4 teams to the wrong course! (They have two.)

As our team surveyed the course, it was obvious that the hole we were on was not an over 400 yard long par 4. But what could we do? I called Ed to see if his team was on the right course. They weren’t. We teed off and one of our shots was a great shot, right on the green, an easy putt. That’s when we decided this was too good to be true. We called the clubhouse. Yes, we were on the wrong course and now we were a hole behind most of the teams!

Returning to the proper course, we started in front of other teams and tried to make up time. We knew that the hour delay meant that darkness would be an adversary in completing 18 holes.

I can’t talk for all the teams, but we started on hole 13 and I played poorly for the next 5 holes as the wind blew and it rained on and off. You could see spray erupt as you hit the ball and when the ball planted itself on the course (no bouncing down the fairway – just plunk and that’s where it sat or should I say planted itself).


(Brian Tink’s Team making a shot from the fairway.)

Other teams had problems too.


(Kevin wondering where his shot went in the rain.)

Raj’s shoes (from Saudi Arabia) had never seen rain. Several holes into the tournament, the soles fell off! Here’s proof. A photo!


(From Ed’s phone camera.)

Luckily, my team members were playing well with each taking turns making shots just good enough to keep us near par (we were 2 over at one point).


(Brad Towe planning his tee-off…)

When we made the clubhouse turn at 18 (remember we started at 13), I had three great shots in a row to give us a birdie on 1. And things started to look up (at least for our team).

The sun didn’t break through but the wind died down and the rain stopped. My cloths started to dry (we were all soaked to the bone). And everyone on my team started making better shots. We sank a 30 foot put. Mike chipped and it hit the flag (but didn’t go in the cup). Brad, Mike, and Bill hit some long drives and accurate iron shots. But the clouds were thick and darkness was falling early. We pushed on as fast as possible, but when it gets dark enough that you can’t see the cart path, you have to stop.

We had completed 14 holes and we were at -4. But how would the pro score the tournament and how had the rest of the teams done?


(A picture of our team – Mark (that’s me), Brad, Bill, and Mike – after it stopped raining but before we were dry. Note the towel for drying our grips before a shot.)

One of my teammates, Brad Towe, thought that a -4 wouldn’t be enough for us to win and he left for a family commitment (we were late because of the storm).

Some teams had played more slowly or stopped earlier. The least number of holes completed were 11. Some had finished 12. One had finished 13. And we were the only ones to make it through 14 holes.

How could we score this rain delayed and darkness ended tournament?

But wait … there were other problems …

It seems that on one of the longest drive holes, the marshal didn’t put out a marker.

On one of the closest to the pin holes, no one hit the green (the weather was that bad).

And not everyone had made it to all the longest drive and closest to the pin holes.

What could we do?

Well, the leader of the Canadian team that won last year suggested that the trophy should go to last year’s winner. NO WAY!

The pro decided to score the tournament on the number of holes that each team had completed before darkness set in and compare how many above or below par each team was.

And whoever had the best shots on the trophy holes would win them.

And we gave two special awards for amazing shots with the other two trophies (see people who won for the real stories).

Here are the results…

Individual Awards:


Longest Drive 2 – Keith Recsky


Longest Drive 11 (special) – Michele Young


Longest Drive 14 – Michele Lindsay


Closest to the Pin 3 – Steve Raycraft


Closest to the Pin 13 (special) – Alan Smith


Closest to the Pin 17 – Mike Rodriguez

Team Scores: (Team Captains in Red)

10 OVER:

Rex & Robin Keiffer, Michelle Young, Ken Reed, & Paul Hughes


(Voted team that had the most fun!)

2 OVER: (Two teams)

Chris Vallee, Keith Wishoun, Matt Irving, & Dan Verlinde


Kevin McManus, Fred Rine, Steve Raycraft, Johan Venter


EVEN: (Four teams)

Ed Skompski, Steve Dobbs, Ron Pryor, & Raj Malik


Michael Musser, Dave Janney, Don Dwyer, & Ken Scott DSCN1071.JPG

Brian A. Tink, Brian W. Tink, Shelly Hassen, & Patrick Fortune


Michele Lindsay, Mike Kelley, Sheridon Taylor, & Keith Recsky


2 UNDER: (Second place finishers)

Charles Selman, Aniruddha Ghaisas, Linda Unger, & Alan Smith


4 UNDER: (2009 tournament winners)

Mark Paradies, Mike Rodriguez, Bill Sirois, Brad Towe (missing from photo), and Benna (presenting winner’s trophy)


Happy Winners!

No matter what the score or the weather … We all had fun and contributed to a great cause.

And my advice to future teams … Everyone should buy all the advantages! They saved us at least 6 strokes. Sometimes contributing to charity can have it’s rewards!

Be there next year and enjoy all the fun!

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