March 15, 2006 | Ken Reed

Retiring Gurus

Industry today is facing a quandry. As the baby-boomers start to reach retirement age, many companies are facing the very real problem of loss of subject matter experts (SME). How many of you will lose those “salty dogs” at retirement age in the next couple of years? What are you going to do when that one guy who you always call to fix your compressor is no longer available?

I remember we had a specialty set of high-speed reduction gears that required special modifications. There was only one man in the entire country who had ever worked on this particular set of gears, so we had to specially contract him to perform the work. I’m sure THAT was cheap!!

How do you capture that special equipment knowledge from your SME before he goes out the door? For equipment issues, Equifactor(R) can help. Have that expert capture his unique troubleshooting expertise in a Custom Equifactor(R) table. He can make up a list of symptoms he has seen, what the possible causes have been, and how he conducted the repairs. You can attach pictures of your specific equipment to these tables, so you can actually see what a particular failure looks like. Now, when your guru leaves, you have captured his tribal knowledge into troubleshooting tables that your less experienced people can use.

Root Cause Analysis
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