June 24, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Revised Golf Pairings for the TapRooT® Summit Golf Tournament on Friday


Here are the revised teams…

Img 1343 2 2

(1) Brian Locker (leader of the 2007 winning team)
Clarence Natomagan
Brian Tink
Keith Recsky

(2) Richard Mesker
Patrick James
Robert Lamarche
Paul Dewar

Img 1291 2 2

(3) Dan Verlinde
Shane Deichman
Suzie Farley
Richard Little

Img 1242 2

(4) Ken Reed
Ronald Joseph
Steve Franker
Renee Jourdin

Img 1250 2

(5) Kevin McManus
Mikkel Broas
Johnny Collazo
Gerald Perrier

(6) Sanjay Gandhi
Tracy Moy
Brian Dolin
Phil Dortch

Img 1325 3 2

(7) Mark Olson
Dennis Bagnoche
Tony Orr
Ken Scott

Img 1263 2 2

(8) Edward Skompski
Steve Dobbs
Peter Berkholz
Darren Marvin

(9) Chris Vallee
Ronald Pryor
Richard Despres
Paul White

Img 1336 2 2

(10) Mark Paradies
Mike Rodriguez
Amber Butterfield
Mark Cade

Img 1294 2

(11) Linda Unger
John Buehrig
Ron Babineau
Anthony Daley

(12) Malcolm Gresham
Tom Brower
Larry McGuffee

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