September 6, 2021 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Rig Substructure Raising: Cylinder Failure

cylinder failure

Why a cylinder failure?

The operation was raising sub-base via two hydraulic cylinders. After raising it to approximately 50 percent, the hydraulic manifold of the ODS mast-raising cylinder failed. This led to the loss of hydraulic oil.

Cylinder failure

Then, the cylinder rested back to its initial position, while the cylinder on DS held in place due to activation of its safety check-valve. The substructure & mast leaned towards the ODS.

No personnel were injured. Only property damage was sustained. All rig-up activities ceased post-event. All rig-up activities ceased post-event.

A rig recovery and incident investigation are currently ongoing.

Watch the video below to observe the cylinder failure.

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It is estimated that about 90% of equipment failures have a human error root cause.  Ken gives us a great example in this TapRooT® TV. Also, follow up by reading Mark Paradies’ article about equipment failure and root cause analysis.

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