October 12, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Roller Coaster Ride – “opened in 2008 and has never had any problems”

A roller coaster accident that injured 10 people was reported on AOL News.

How many times have you heard after an accident: “We’ve never had that happen before.” Yet most accidents are preceded by minor incidents and near-misses. There must be a catch. I think that catch is that most of these “surprise” accidents had precursors but they were never reported, investigated, and corrected.

To stop major accidents (and even 10 person roller coaster accidents), you need to find and fix the root causes of minor incidents and near-misses that could lead to major accidents.

The good news in this article was that the amusement part was going to “… investigate that …”. Let’s hope that someone there knows advanced root cause analysis and that they can find and fix the real root causes of the accident rather than just fixing the symptoms.

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