November 5, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Root Cause Analysis Performed on 787 Fastener Problems

 Img246 9273 B787Boexku3

FlightglobalBlogs had the following info about a recent root cause analysis of fastener problems on the Boeing 787:

As a result, the company is conducting a root cause analysis to determine the exact source of the problem. A preliminary examination indicates that unclear specifications for the fasteners resulted in misinterpretations at the time of installation.

As a result, Boeing is reworking those specifications and supplying the workforce in both Everett and the partner base with additional training to ensure this problem does not repeat itself.

Boeing is “not aware” of any other installation issues on the aircraft that would require a reassessment.

It would be interesting to see the details of the root cause analysis because it sounds like more administrative controls and training were used as the fix (strengthening current Safeguards) rather than an engineering solution (new or additional Safeguards).

The last paragraph indicates that at least some thought was given to Generic Causes. It would be interesting to see how the Generic Cause Analysis was performed and what data was used.

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