November 5, 2009 | Ken Reed

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Equifactor Reference and Custom Tables

When using the Equifactor® module of the TapRooT® Software, you have the opportunity to store some very specific data in each Symptom or Possible Cause that can help your equipment experts with their troubleshooting efforts.  Each of these Equifactor® items has an associated Equifactor® Reference area that allows you to store your own custom data.

For example, if I want to add a new Equifactor® item for troubleshooting a diesel engine that hesitates, you would start with the System Configuration – Equifactor Maintenance, and adding your own custom Diesel Engine troubleshooting table.  You might start with this:

You could then add any extra information about that item by clicking “Edit” and adding your custom information:

You can even add a picture of your problem by clicking on “Image.”

Once you are done, you could then start a new incident and open your Equifactor® tables.  You can access the Equifactor® Reference section either by right-clicking on the item, or clicking the Equifactor® Reference button at the bottom:

The new information is now available, including the picture you attached:

This information will make a great tool for your new troubleshooters!

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