January 6, 2011 | Barb Carr

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Is this a "Line of Fire Incident"?

The following is an excerpt of a Safety Video that I watched years ago as an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force.

It reminds me of the aircraft specific hazard training that I received:

1. Avoid Bleed Air Boundary Zones… places where hot engine bleed air was directed to improve air flow over moving wing surfaces.

2. Avoid Moving Flight Surfaces… Flaps, Rudder and such

3. Avoid egress explosive exit points…. and the egress seats themselves if not pinned.

4. Be aware of possible hydraulic leaks in pressured systems…. 3,000 psi in many cases

5. Avoid landing gear being released when on jacks…. whether under power or quick released

6. And of course avoid engine intake and exhaust zones…. yes I have had to pull another airman back that was too curious.

Now I review incidents resulting from “line fire issues” and have to ask myself, “if I were just told to avoid line of fire issues on aircraft would that have sufficed?” No, neither should it be as a policy or corrective action.

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